Club Cycle Essentials:

To join the club cycles we have some basic guidelines that we have that are to keep you safe and make sure everyone enjoys the cycle.

Before every cycle

  • make sure you top up the air in your tires before you leave the house – avoids unnecessary punctures
  • quick check of that your brakes are working and your wheels are not rubbing
  • check that your gears work as required

Things you must have on each cycle

  • helmet
  • spare tube, pump/CO2, tyre levers, multi-tool (worth while knowing how to use them before you have to !!)
  • phone and cash (nice for the cup of coffee or to buy some extra food)
  • drink bottle and nutrition (bar/banana/gel etc)
  • mudguards in wet/winter conditions
  • Gloves, rain jacket,,.

In the winter or if its going to be dark at the start or end a few extra things are required

  • Lights front and back
  • some high-vis clothing, especially on darker wet mornings. Everyone being seen protects the whole group.

Before you set of check that you know the distance and the expected return time know your own limitations

We are all out to enjoy ourselves so bring your positive attitude and appreciation for good coffee! ????

We do our longer group spins on the weekends. Saturday mornings in Winter we leave PSLC at 9am and the route varies from week to week. Typically we frequent Howth, North County Dublin and Meath. As the mornings get brighter in Spring and Summer we go earlier and longer.

When numbers allow we split into two groups: an advanced group and a more beginner focused group. The advanced group can do anything from 70km to 100km+ depending on the time of year and upcoming target events. The second group typically do between 30km and 60km, depending on the time of year. There is a policy that nobody gets left behind and we usually incorporate a social coffee stop to compliment the hard work.

Every year we have cyclists taking part in spotives right around the country and further a field, from the Ring of Beara to the Mallorca312. We always welcome new members to join us.